5 Surprising Facts About Natan Levy

Oh, Natan Levy. The guy’s journey from clinching that UFC contract back in 2020 to stacking up wins is nothing short of a rollercoaster. It’s like he’s not just fighting for himself, but for Israel too. Carrying a nation’s dreams on your shoulders? That’s heavy.

And let’s talk about the raised eyebrows. When Levy shared his dream of moving to the U.S. with his folks, you can bet there were some chuckles. Probably a mix of “Is he serious?” and “Well, that’s ambitious.” Fast forward to now, with his fight against Mike Davis at UFC Fight Night 239 on the horizon, Levy’s proving them all wrong. Or right. Depends on how you look at it.

This Saturday, it’s all eyes on the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Levy’s stepping into the octagon after a bit of a break since December 2022. The man’s got something to prove, and 2024’s looking like his launchpad.

Now, onto the juicy bits about Levy you might not know:

1. Boundaries? Levy laughs in the face of them. Born in Paris and then moving to Israel, he was all about martial arts by his teens. Worked his tail off and snagged a black belt in Chinese martial arts by 17. Then jetted off to Okinawa, Japan, for another black belt in karate by 18. Talk about dedication.

2. The guy’s childhood wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. His parents split when he was just four, and adjusting to a new country was rough. School was a battleground, thanks to his French accent. But instead of backing down, Levy fought back. Literally. Every. Single. Recess.

3. Comfort zone? Levy doesn’t know her. Before diving into the MMA world, he was shaping minds as a martial arts instructor in Tel Aviv. Craving more, he moved to Las Vegas at 22, bouncing back and forth between there and Israel. Talk about living out of a suitcase.

4. His first UFC loss hit hard. Facing Rafa Garcia in November 2021, Levy was surrounded by his support squad but felt anything but victorious. Inside, he was a mess, but outside, he kept it together. “It’s not the end of the world,” he said, keeping a brave face for his crew.

5. Levy’s secret weapon? Meditation. It’s all about being in the moment for him, tapping into that instinct and muscle memory. He’s all about drilling techniques until they’re second nature, aiming for that state of flow where everything just clicks.

So, there you have it. Natan Levy, in a nutshell. A fighter with a story, battling not just for wins but for something bigger. Saturday’s fight is more than just a match; it’s another chapter in Levy’s incredible journey. Let’s see where it takes him.

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