Adjusting the Course

Vinicius Salvador’s start in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) wasn’t what he dreamed of. Consecutive losses have backed him into a corner, a place no fighter wants to be.

This Saturday, he’s up against Adrian Yanez. They’ll clash in a bantamweight showcase at UFC Fight Night 241, held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. At 27, Salvador is hunting for his first win in the Octagon.

After suffering defeats to Victor Altamirano and C.J. Vergara, Salvador took a step back. “We sat down and figured out some corrections,” he shared with Despite the setbacks, he’s feeling confident about his upcoming fight.

Salvador’s next challenge is no walk in the park. Yanez, despite recent losses, is seen as one of the UFC’s bright young talents. His record boasts knockouts of notable fighters, signaling a tough night ahead for Salvador.

“He’s very good,” Salvador admitted. Yanez’s boxing skills, movement, and experience make him a formidable opponent. Yet, Salvador sees weaknesses in Yanez’s game he believes he can exploit. “I picture myself winning by knockout,” he said, undeterred.

In preparation, Salvador has been working closely with his longtime trainer, Marcelo Ribas. They’ve been focusing on exploiting Yanez’s vulnerabilities. “Everything is going very well in this camp,” Salvador noted, aiming for a knockout victory.

The stakes are high for Salvador. His recent losses have narrowed his margin for error within the competitive bantamweight division. For now, he’s putting future plans aside to focus solely on Yanez.

“I’m only thinking about this fight right now,” Salvador stated. He’s aware of the challenge Yanez poses but is ready for the battle. “I expect we’ll have a war,” he said, looking forward to what comes next after the fight.

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