Ailin Perez’s Tale of Revenge

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So, there’s been some drama at the UFC Performance Institute last November. Ailin Perez and Joselyne Edwards had a bit of a scuffle. It wasn’t pretty. Perez ended up with a damaged left eye and even talked about taking legal action. Now, they’re set to hash it out in the cage.

This Saturday, Perez faces her rival from Panama at UFC 302. They’re fighting in Newark, New Jersey, on the undercard. It’s a three-round match that promises to settle their unfinished business. Perez is eyeing this fight as her big chance to climb the ranks in the 135-pound division.

Perez is all fired up. She told, "We are going to win this fight. I’m going to take revenge on Joselyne. I’m going to give her back not just one black eye but two busted eyes, and my name will be heard in every country." Talk about being on a mission!

Despite the bad blood, Perez respects Edwards’ skills. Edwards, at 28, has a decent UFC record of 4-3. She’s had wins and losses but boasts eight finishes in her 13 career victories. That’s impressive.

Perez shared, "Joselyne is a strong fighter who keeps good distance. She’s smart, but in the first round, she gives 100%, then she gets tired. That’s when I’ll take over." Sounds like Perez has her strategy all figured out.

Coming off two consecutive wins, Perez is feeling confident. She’s 29 and making her mark in the UFC. After a unanimous decision win over Pudilova at UFC Fight Night 232, she’s 2-1 in the organization. She’s bounced back strong from her debut loss.

"I’m happy with my UFC career," Perez said. "I’ve learned a lot, especially from my defeat. It’s all about mental strength." Wise words from someone who’s clearly focused on growth.

Training at The Goat Shed Academy in Miami, Perez is honing her skills. She’s working with coaches Asim Zaidi and Roberto “Mango” Rodriguez and training alongside tough fighters like Gillian Robertson. "My mental game has been my focus," she revealed.

Perez, a former Samurai Fight House champ, is not just looking at this fight. She’s got her eyes on the prize. "Beating Joselyne is just the start. I’m aiming for a winning streak to climb the rankings and eventually fight for the title. I want to be the first Argentine UFC champion."

So, there you have it. Perez vs. Edwards is more than just a fight; it’s a quest for redemption, respect, and a shot at UFC glory. Will Perez’s determination and training pay off? Or will Edwards’ experience and fighting spirit prevail? Tune in this Saturday to find out.

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