Alexandre Pantoja Aims for Dream Match with Demetrious Johnson

Alexandre Pantoja is setting his sights high. He dreams of a future clash with Demetrious Johnson after defending his title once again.

Just recently, Pantoja kept his flyweight title secure. He scored a unanimous decision victory over Steve Erceg at UFC 301. It was a significant win, marking his second successful title defense.

Now, Pantoja’s got bigger fish to fry. He’s eyeing a bout against the ex-UFC flyweight king and MMA legend, Johnson. Even if that fight doesn’t happen, Pantoja wouldn’t mind just sparring with “The GOAT.”

“Yeah, he’s the GOAT, you know,” Pantoja spilled on “The MMA Hour.” He’s all respect for Johnson, not daring to compare. But after two title defenses, he feels he’s earned the right to speak up. To dream a bit.

For Pantoja, it’s not about dreaming, though. He prefers living to dreaming. Yet, facing Johnson? That’s a dream worth mentioning. He respects Johnson immensely. If a fight’s off the table, maybe they could just spar, Pantoja muses.

Johnson’s reign in the flyweight division was nothing short of legendary. Pantoja believes Johnson still has what it takes to dazzle fans with his skills.

Pantoja mused, “I think he can do what he did before.” The MMA landscape changes, but legends like Johnson, Anderson Silva, and Conor McGregor have set high bars. Pantoja dreams of reaching such heights, starting with a fight against Johnson.

At UFC 301, Pantoja emerged victorious, but Erceg wasn’t an easy opponent. Johnson, ever the critic, shared his thoughts on YouTube. He reckons Pantoja could be dethroned by a seasoned Erceg or the rising star, Muhammad Mokaev.

In the world of MMA, dreams fuel fighters. For Pantoja, a dream bout with Johnson is the ultimate goal. Whether it’s in the Octagon or just a sparring session, he’s ready for the challenge.

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