Andre Lima: Beyond Being a Bite Victim

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So, there’s this guy, Andre Lima. Remember the name. His UFC debut? Wild. Ended with his opponent, Igor da Silva, getting DQ’d for a bite. Yeah, you heard right. A bite. Now, Lima’s stepping back into the Octagon, aiming to leave that madness behind. He’s facing Mitch Raposo this Saturday in Newark, New Jersey, as part of the UFC 302 undercard. And guess what? Lima’s got a tattoo of the bite mark. Talk about a souvenir, huh?

Lima had a chat with “Everything was cool until I got bitten,” he said. The fight ended in round two, but Lima felt he hadn’t shown his best. Some thought he was losing the second round, but he was confident. “I was landing good shots,” he insisted. Despite the bizarre win, Lima’s eyes are on the prize for his next fight.

Raposo’s stepping in last minute, replacing Nyamjargal Tumendemberel, who was a fill-in himself for Hyun Sung Park. Talk about musical chairs. But Lima? He’s just happy to fight. Raposo’s coming off a win, having snagged the Cage Titans FC flyweight title with a knockout. His only loss? A submission on Dana White’s Contender Series.

Lima’s not sweating it. “He’s my third opponent for this card,” he mentioned, unfazed. He’s eyeing Raposo’s preference for striking and his wrestling background. But Lima’s confident, especially in his jiu-jitsu skills. “I can submit him,” he said, planning to showcase his striking too.

Long-term, Lima’s got big dreams. He’s taking it step by step, aiming for the UFC Top 15. “Then we’ll see what the future holds,” he said, eyes on the prize.

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