Ange Loosa Refutes Quitting Against Bryan Battle, Awaits Eye Doctor’s Examination

Ange Loosa was in a tough spot. He claims an eye poke from Bryan Battle during their UFC Fight Night 239 bout made it impossible for him to continue. The fight, which had fans on the edge of their seats, came to an abrupt halt.

Battle had been dominating. Then, out of nowhere, “The Butcher” accidentally poked Loosa in the eye. This incident stopped the fight in its tracks during the second round. Loosa, in pain and unable to see, had no choice but to tell the doctor he couldn’t go on. The fight was declared a no contest.

Tempers flared inside the Octagon. Battle accused Loosa of throwing in the towel too easily, suggesting the Congolese fighter could actually see. Loosa, however, insists he’s still dealing with the aftermath of the injury.

He mentioned, “[The UFC] wants to send me to an ophthalmologist.” He’s got another appointment lined up in Florida. Loosa’s worried there’s something seriously wrong with his eye, mentioning it feels itchy and painful.

Post-fight, Battle didn’t hold back. He doubled down on his accusations, even admitting he provoked Loosa by insulting him right after the fight ended. Despite acknowledging Battle’s early dominance, Loosa vehemently denies quitting. He expressed regret over losing his temper, something out of character for him.

Loosa reflected on the fight, admitting Battle had the upper hand early on. But he was gearing up for a comeback. The eye poke, however, changed everything. Loosa’s main regret? Losing his cool in a sport he believes should be respectful.

Criticism hasn’t just come from Battle. Fans too have voiced their disappointment over the fight’s anticlimactic end. Loosa, however, tries to ignore the negativity. He knows most critics haven’t stepped into the Octagon themselves. He’s confident he’ll bounce back stronger.

Battle, for his part, seems open to a rematch, though he’d prefer a ranked opponent. Loosa sees a rematch as his chance to clear the air. He’s adamant the fight’s stoppage doesn’t reflect his willingness to battle. Given another shot, he’s ready to prove himself.

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