Anshul Jubli Embraces Role as India’s Representative in UFC

India’s Anshul Jubli is stepping up. Big time. He’s not just fighting in the octagon. He’s carrying the weight of his entire country on his shoulders, all on the grand stage of the world’s biggest MMA platform.

Oh, and guess what? There’s another fighter from India, Puja Tomar. She’s joined Jubli in the UFC, making them the only two Indians in the league. But Jubli? He’s the “King of Lions,” the face of Indian MMA. No big deal, right?

Jubli’s got this vibe, you know? He’s 29 and fully aware of the massive responsibility he’s shouldering. But he’s not just taking it; he’s welcoming it with open arms. He’s like, “Not everyone gets this chance, and I’m the man for the job.” Confidence level: sky-high.

During a recent meet and greet, Jubli was all, “Yes, it’s a huge, huge responsibility. But hey, it’s a good thing.” He feels blessed. Like, out of everyone, he’s the chosen one to represent India in the UFC. Talk about self-belief.

Let’s talk about his UFC debut. Jubli stepped into the octagon at UFC 294 in October 2023, facing off against Mike Breeden. He was owning it, leading on the scorecards for the first two rounds. Then, out of nowhere, “Money” Breeden lands a knockout in the third. Talk about a plot twist.

Post-fight, Jubli’s reflective. Admits to some rookie errors and how even a tiny mistake can cost you big time in the UFC. But he’s not dwelling on the loss. Nope. He’s shaking things up, revamping his training, and he’s all in for a comeback. “Next fight, we celebrate,” he says.

And that’s the spirit. Jubli’s story isn’t just about fighting; it’s about resilience, representing a nation, and the relentless pursuit of victory. Stay tuned.

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