Ariane Carnelossi’s Team Reveals Post-Fight Broken Nose & Injuries Through Scans

Oh boy, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s strawweight arena just got a bit more heated. Ariane Carnelossi, you know, she’s been showing off the battle scars from her last fight. And not just any fight, we’re talking about UFC Fight Night 241, which went down on May 18. She squared off against Piera Rodriguez in what turned out to be a pretty controversial match.

So, here’s the tea. Rodriguez got disqualified. Yeah, you heard that right. She landed two headbutts on Carnelossi, and the ref, Mark Smith, wasn’t having any of it. Called them intentional. That’s a first in UFC history, folks—a DQ for headbutting.

But wait, there’s more. Rodriguez took to social media, tears and all, calling Carnelossi a “coward.” Claims she’d rather lose than win like that. Admits to messing up because of the adrenaline rush but says Carnelossi should feel ashamed. “Enjoy my money,” she says. Ouch.

Carnelossi clapped back, though. Hit up her Instagram with a bit of wisdom. “What differentiates humans from animals: it’s the ability to live with rules.” She’s not just talking the talk, either. Her team went and shared all the medical reports with Sherdog. We’re talking initial reports from Vegas and follow-up scans back in Brazil.

And the damage? It’s not pretty. A head injury, laceration of the upper frenulum, nasal injury, nausea, and sinusitis. But that’s not all. The scans from Brazil painted a grimmer picture. Fractures in her nasal bone, left maxillary sinus, zygomatic arch, and orbital cones. Plus, a deviated septum. They even hinted that some of the damage might’ve been from before this fight.

Now, Carnelossi’s looking at surgery to fix all that. And get this—it’ll be her 14th surgery since she joined the UFC in 2019. Talk about a warrior.

And there you have it—a saga of pain, controversy, and a bit of social media drama. Just another day in the world of MMA, right?

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