Basharat Appeals No Contest Decision Against Henry, Claims He Made the Veteran Quit

The match was abruptly called to a stop, with Victor Henry unable to continue after sustaining an unintentional foul. The fight was subsequently ruled as a no contest. This occurred at UFC 294 and attracted significant attention online given the unusual circumstances.

In the bantamweight match-up between Javid Basharat and Victor Henry, what began as a competitive first round soon turned sour. Basharat had seemed to edge out the round in terms of volume and significant strikes landed, but an incident in the second round saw the tides turn. Basharat threw an inside leg kick that appeared to land on Henry’s groin, sending the American fighter crashing to the canvas in visible agony. Despite being given the full five minutes to recover by referee Lukasz Boscacki, Henry’s pain remained insurmountable and prevented him from continuing.

The unfortunate turn of events saw the referee declare the fight a no-contest 15 seconds into Round 2. Henry was immediately rushed to the hospital due to the severe nature of his injury. Meanwhile, Basharat took to social media to express both regret and disbelief at the result. Despite offering apologies to Henry for the accidental low blow, he disagreed with the declaration, writing, “15-0 Alhamdulillah for everything. I won by TKO today 100% I tried to give the benefit of the doubt but I know what I felt in there and watching it over 1000 times there was no way that was low!” His appeal is currently pending. Prior to this controversial match with Henry at UFC 294, Basharat had secured a unanimous decision win against Mateus Mendonca in January.

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