Benoit St. Denis Desires Brutal Bout Against Justin Gaethje

Benoit St. Denis has expressed his faith in fellow UFC fighter Justin Gaethje’s potential to endure a face-to-face fight between the two. He considers Gaethje as one of the very few fighters who can withstand such an encounter in the ring, highlighting the latter’s remarkable resilience. Following an impressive run of five consecutive stoppage wins, with his most recent being a first-round knockout against the seasoned lightweight, Matt Frevola at UFC 295 on Nov. 11, believes his call to fight Gaethje will be heeded. His post-match interview, where he cautioned all lightweight elites of his rising prowess, drew attention to Gaethje who was watching from the ringside. As he called Gaethje out, the “God of War” was featured on a split screen shot, hinting at a possible upcoming face-off.

On “The MMA Hour”, St. Denis revealed that Gaethje stayed on his radar as he anticipates a remarkable clash with “The Highlight”. The highly-anticipated fight is expected to be memorable, given the record and reputation of both warriors. St. Denis iterated his keen interest in having the fight, placing it as a top priority. Making it very clear, he assured his audience that the blame doesn’t lie with Gaethje for a potential match-up of Islam Makhachev against Charles Oliveira. Gaethje, known for his love of activity, may have to enter the ring again due to significant dates lined up for the following year.

St. Denis noted Gaethje’s impressive track record of victories against formidable opponents, including Dustin Poirier. “It is a fight I want to have,” stated St. Denis. “I do believe this is a fight for the BMF Benoit St. Denis.” It is St. Denis’ belief that Gaethje’s powerful chin can survive the intense war between them, expressing disbelief over the likelihood of the defeat of sturdy fighters who lack resistance. St. Denis opines that they both possess the hard chins that can take a few blows, hinting at a potentially violent and historic fight that people would enjoy watching. He visualizes a scenario characterized by crazy scrambles and extreme punching exchanges, words reflecting respect for Gaethje. But he also feels Gaethje will have to fight before getting the title because of the possibility of Islam Makhachev and Oliveira situation. St. Denis concluded, “If he wants a war, anywhere, I’m for it.”

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