Benoit St. Denis Says Antibiotics Affected His UFC 299 Performance

Benoit St. Denis might’ve seemed a bit off in the second round of his UFC 299 fight. And, oh boy, there’s a reason for that.

Caught in the heat of the moment, St. Denis faced a tough knockout by Dustin Poirier. This happened smack in the middle of Round 2. The venue? The bustling Kaseya Center in Miami.

Post-fight, St. Denis hit Instagram with some news. Turns out, antibiotics were messing with his mojo. “My body didn’t respond,” he shared, hinting at a tough week fighting off an infection.

He was there, mentally. But physically? It’s like his body took a raincheck. “I only had one round to give you,” he admitted.

Speculation was rife about a sore on his head. Was it a staph infection? While St. Denis kept the details under wraps, his post did hint at him not being 100%.

“Sorry to disappoint,” he wrote. But, he’s not down for the count. “I will come back stronger,” he promised, tipping his hat to Dustin for the fight.

Before this setback, St. Denis was on a roll. Five straight UFC wins, all by knockout or submission. Poirier, at the post-fight press conference, had only good things to say. He’s confident St. Denis will bounce back.

Poirier praised St. Denis’s resilience and potential. “He’s a military veteran,” Poirier pointed out, highlighting his mental toughness. “If he decides to do it, I think he can.”

So, there you have it. A fighter’s spirit, slightly dimmed by antibiotics, but not extinguished. St. Denis’s journey is far from over. If anything, this is just a plot twist in his ongoing saga.

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