Benoit St. Denis Says Antibiotics Affected His UFC 299 Performance

Did you catch Benoit St. Denis’ fight at UFC 299? If you noticed he seemed off in the second round, there’s a backstory. Turns out, antibiotics might have thrown a wrench in his performance.

St. Denis had a knockout loss to Dustin Poirier. This happened at the 2:32 mark of Round 2. It was quite the talk of the town. Post-fight, St. Denis took to Instagram. He shared that antibiotics for an infection had impacted his body’s response.

“Unfortunately this evening I was not able to fully express myself,” he wrote. His body just didn’t cooperate after a week of antibiotics.

He felt present mentally, but physically? Not so much. “It did not react as usual. I only had one round to give you,” he explained.

Speculation was rife that St. Denis might have been battling a staph infection. He had a noticeable sore on his head. While he didn’t dive into specifics, his post hinted at a compromised state.

“Sorry to disappoint you. I will come back stronger,” St. Denis promised. He thanked Dustin for the fight, calling it an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Before this setback, St. Denis was on a winning streak. Five straight UFC victories, all by finishes. Poirier, at the post-fight press conference, was confident about St. Denis’ comeback.

“He has the ability. He’s proven it,” Poirier said. Noting it was St. Denis’ first finish loss, he highlighted the fighter’s resilience. “He’s a military veteran. He’s been through some things. If he decides to do it, I think he can.”

The fight game is unpredictable, filled with highs and lows. St. Denis’ recent experience is a testament to that. But with determination and the right mindset, a comeback is always within reach.

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