Bo Nickal Shares Mixed Feelings on UFC 300 Victory: A Valuable Lesson

Bo Nickal’s journey in the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been nothing short of impressive. Just three fights in, and he’s already raising eyebrows. But, not in the way you’d expect after his latest match.

His second-round submission of Cody Brundage at UFC 300? It got a collective “meh” from fans and critics alike. Why? Because Nickal’s set his standards sky-high, finishing his first five fights in the blink of an eye. Yet, post-fight, Nickal was his own toughest critic.

“I feel good, but…,” he pondered, trailing off. It was a mix of emotions for him. Despite the win, he believed he could’ve done better. “I don’t judge based on wins and losses,” he admitted backstage at the UFC. He felt he could’ve amped up his performance in several areas.

After the fight, Nickal wasn’t all thumbs-up about his performance. Quite the opposite. Yet, Dana White, UFC’s big boss, had some encouraging words for him. “Keep your head up,” White advised, seeing potential in Nickal’s future.

Nickal’s path to UFC stardom was paved with quick victories, including notable wins over Valentine Woodburn and Jamie Pickett. But the fight with Brundage? Nickal wished for a more dominant finish. “That’s just how I am,” he confessed, always aiming to dominate every second of the fight.

Despite the self-critique, Nickal isn’t bogged down by external expectations. He’s in it for the love of the sport, driven by passion and enjoyment. “I’m doing this because I love it,” he stated, unfazed by others’ expectations. It’s all about the love of the game for Nickal.

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