Bobby Green Foresees Tony Ferguson’s Victory Over Paddy Pimblett in UFC 296

Bobby Green anticipates a victorious outcome for Tony Ferguson’s UFC 296 competition against Paddy Pimblett. The anticipated event is expected to take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, on December 16th. This fight is interesting to both fighters and viewers alike due to the contrasting career paths of both competitors. Ferguson’s recent record reveals a downward trend with six consecutive losses, while Pimblett has experienced a surge in his fighting career with six unstoppable victories.

Ferguson, who once posed a significant threat to former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, has consistently been advised to hang up his gloves in response to his recent performance plummet. Despite this pressure to retire, his persistent resilience and refusal to quit has been acknowledged by his most recent opponent, Bobby Green. Green fully supports the notion that Ferguson should only retire when he feels ready and furthermore, expects Ferguson to overcome Pimblett in the UFC 296 match.

Green acknowledged this in a recent interview with The Schmo: “Everybody telling him to retire and stuff, he’ll retire when he wants to retire,”. He continued, “Don’t let nobody tell you different. I fought Tony, so I know what I was dealing with in there the whole entire time. Even though I was kicking his ass, Tony was never giving up. He was never going to quit. He was never going to break, and he got that warrior spirit still. So, as long as you got that warrior spirit, go do your thing, bro. You know what I mean? And I think he’s going to beat Paddy.”

Green took a critical view of Ferguson’s preparation for the upcoming fight for he switched up his training regimen by seeking the services of former Navy SEAL, David Goggins, a decision that has stirred conversations. The critique lies in Green’s belief that Ferguson should focus more on his fundamentals rather than intensifying his cardio training. Green expressed his views in the same interview, “I just feel like Tony needs a sick-ass guy like me who could kind of tone in his weirdness and put some basics back together. Some of the basic things and he’ll be nice. But, I don’t know why he’s doing all this cardio stuff. I think he’d be dope if he just picked up some of the basics, just jab a little better, his head movement a little better. Small little things like that and he’ll be great.”

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