Brendan Allen Wins Against Chris Curtis in UFC Fight Night 240 Main Event

Brendan Allen got his subtle revenge on Chris Curtis. It was a moment of vindication, really.

Their clash was part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s middleweight division. Allen was climbing the ranks, looking to erase one of his few defeats. And boy, did the UFC Fight Night 240 in Las Vegas become his canvas.

Judges were split, but mostly in Allen’s favor. Derek Cleary and Eric Colon scored it 48-47 and 49-46 for him. Michael Bell, however, saw a 48-47 in favor of Curtis. Talk about a nail-biter, huh?

Curtis stepped in for Marvin Vettori on short notice. And honestly? He did more than just show up.

The fight was a chess match of strategy and skill. Curtis, with a record of 31-11, had previously won their first bout by TKO. This time, he brought a storm of combos and a left hook that had Allen seeing stars in the third round.

Allen wasn’t just there to take punches, though. He shot for takedowns, scrambled like his life depended on it, and even got Curtis in some precarious positions. It was anyone’s game until the very end.

In the final moments, Allen made a move for another takedown. Curtis resisted but seemed to hurt his hamstring. Allen seized the moment, landing a series of knees that likely tipped the scales in his favor. By the skin of his teeth, Allen extended his winning streak to seven.

Meanwhile, Damon Jackson faced Alexander Hernandez in a featherweight co-main event that was just as intense. The judges were divided here too, but Jackson emerged victorious.

Jackson outmaneuvered “The Great Ape” for the first two rounds. But Hernandez wasn’t going down without a fight. A counter right hand in the third round changed the game, yet Jackson managed to regain control and secure the win.

Hernandez has seen better days, losing four of his last five fights. It’s a tough pill to swallow.

Further down the lineup, Jose Mariscal stepped in on short notice and managed a split decision win against Morgan Charriere. It was a closely contested battle, but Mariscal’s aggression and control might have just tipped the scales.

Mariscal is now riding a six-fight winning streak. Not too shabby for a last-minute replacement.

Ignacio Bahamondes made a statement against Christos Giagos, ending the fight with a head kick in the first round. It was a display of precision and power, marking Bahamondes’ sixth first-round finish.

Charlie Campbell and Trevor Peek went the distance in a lightweight bout that tested both fighters. Campbell’s strategy and execution earned him a unanimous decision win, continuing his undefeated streak in the UFC.

Peek, on the other hand, has faced some setbacks but remains a fighter to watch.

In the world of MMA, every fight tells a story. And UFC Fight Night 240 was a book you couldn’t put down.

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