Brendan Allen Wishes Rakhmonov, Muhammad Teammates Avoid Fighting Each Other

Brendan Allen’s got a vibe about him, you know? He’s tangled up in the elite welterweight scene, fingers crossed his mates don’t end up duking it out.

Oh, and there’s this ad popping up. Typical.

So, Allen’s stepping back into the octagon with Chris Curtis. This rematch? It’s the big cheese at UFC Fight Night 240, happening Saturday at the UFC Apex in Vegas. Allen’s on a hot streak, six wins with five by submission. Beating Curtis could mean a shot at the title is on the horizon.

Allen’s eyeing the champ title for himself from his home base at Kill Cliff FC in Florida. If not him, he’s betting on his teammates, Belal Muhammad or Shavkat Rakhmonov, to snag it. Muhammad’s been unbeatable in his last 10, yet that title shot’s been playing hard to get. Rakhmonov? The guy’s a finishing machine, with all 18 wins by, well, finishing.

The Wisconsin native is all in for Muhammad getting that welterweight title shot next. But he’s also not blind to Rakhmonov’s potential. The thought of them fighting each other? It’s a no from Allen.

“It’s hard to say man,” Allen spilled the beans to The Schmo. He’s torn, you see. Shavkat’s a beast, but Belal’s like a brother. And the thought of them fighting? It’s a tough pill to swallow. Allen’s rooting for Belal, but hey, it’s a business. Fights happen.

Originally, Allen was supposed to face Marvin Vettori. Plot twist: Curtis steps in with just three weeks’ notice. Their last bout? Curtis took the win with a TKO in 2021. Allen’s game plan this time? Be a jack-of-all-trades and master them all.

“I don’t know man, I want to just go out there and perform a masterclass,” Allen mused. He’s ready for whatever Curtis throws at him – body shots, stance switches, the works. His aim? To outclass Curtis in every aspect. It’s not just about landing a lucky punch; it’s about dominating every phase of the fight. Allen’s ready to test Curtis, from clinch to wrestling to striking. Every. Single. Spot.

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