Bruno Silva Blasts Ref Gary Copeland Over Eye Poke Incident at UFC Atlantic City

Bruno Silva was far from happy. The referee, Gary Copeland, didn’t quite hit the mark in his eyes during a bout that’s stirred up quite the chatter. It was against Chris Weidman, a name that echoes in the halls of UFC on ESPN 54.

Before things got down and dirty in the ring, there was a chat. You know, the kind where the ref lays down what’s what. Silva recalls, “Open hands? Big no-no.” Yet, it seems Weidman missed that memo, playing a bit too loose for Silva’s liking.

Now, let’s talk about consistency, or the lack thereof. Earlier that night, Herbert Burns got his wrist slapped – well, a point taken, really – for an eye poke against Julio Arce. Silva’s thinking? “What gives?”

Silva’s not one to exaggerate. He claims, “Four times, my eyes were the target.” And the ref? Not a peep.

The confusion was real. Silva hitting the deck had his team scratching their heads. But then, the replay spoke volumes. Weidman’s tactics were, let’s say, less than sportsmanlike.

Silva’s recount is vivid. “One eye poke, then another. My shoulder took a hit, not my face.” He fell to protect himself, yet the decision didn’t go his way. A technical win for Weidman, but a loss in Silva’s book.

Weidman’s take? Silva took a dive. Silva’s response? “Easy for you to say.”

Pain like no other, that’s what Silva felt. Despite the heat of the moment, he respects Weidman. But those post-fight comments? A low blow.

Silva’s next move? An appeal. He’s pushing for a no-contest decision. And why not run it back in New York? Silva’s game if Weidman is.

Yet, the shadow of a UFC exit looms. Three losses in a row have him on thin ice. “Three fights left,” he notes, aware of what’s at stake. Silva’s a fighter, through and through. Rejecting fights? Not in his DNA.

He’s given his all, even at the expense of family time. His plea? “Don’t let my UFC journey end on this sour note.”

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