Caio Borralho Aims to KO Paul Craig at UFC 301, Targets Jack Hermansson Next

Caio Borralho’s got a game plan. And it’s a doozy. He’s stepping into the octagon at UFC 301 with one goal. Knockout Paul Craig. But wait, there’s more. After he’s done, he’s not just gonna walk out. Nope. He’s planning to grab that mic and call out Jack Hermansson. Bold move, right?

It’s not just about winning for Borralho. It’s about making a statement. He wants the world to know he’s here to shake things up. And how’s he planning to do it? By taking down a giant. Paul Craig’s no walk in the park. But Borralho? He’s ready.

Then, without missing a beat, he’s gonna switch gears. Imagine the scene. The crowd’s still buzzing from the fight. And there he is, calling out Hermansson. It’s not just a call out. It’s a challenge. A declaration.

This isn’t just any fight plan. It’s a career move. Borralho’s playing chess, not checkers. He’s thinking two steps ahead. Knockout. Call out. Make headlines. That’s the plan. And if all goes according to plan? Well, let’s just say, the MMA world’s in for a treat.

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