Charles Oliveira Aims for Title Shot by Beating Arman Tsarukyan

Oh, Charles Oliveira, that guy’s got his eyes on the prize. He’s dead set on the idea that beating Arman Tsarukyan should catapult him straight into the next lightweight title fight. You can check out their stats and more juicy details on Sherdog. They’ve got all the goods.

So, here’s the scoop. Oliveira and Tsarukyan are gonna throw down at UFC 300 on April 13. And guess what? That same night, Justin Gaethje is set to defend his BMF title against Max Holloway. Talk about a stacked card!

Now, some folks are buzzing that the BMF title clash might throw a wrench into the lightweight title scene. But Oliveira? He’s not sweating it. He’s convinced that once he’s done with Tsarukyan, he’s next in line for the gold. No ifs, ands, or buts.

In a chat with MMA Mania, Oliveira laid it all out. He’s not even entertaining the thought of being sidelined. “Everyone knows I’m next,” he said, oozing confidence. He’s ready to go for that title, come what may.

When it comes to Gaethje vs. Holloway, Oliveira’s got some thoughts. He’s tipping his hat to both fighters but seems to think Gaethje’s got the edge. If Holloway slips up, Gaethje’s gonna pounce. Still, Oliveira’s got respect for both warriors.

Just when you thought the lightweight division couldn’t get any more tangled, Dustin Poirier comes out of nowhere. He delivered a stunning KO against Benoit St. Denis at UFC 299, throwing his hat back in the ring for a title shot. Now, there’s chatter about Poirier facing off against Makhachev in June.

But Oliveira? He’s keeping his eyes on the prize. He’s brushing off the internet chatter and focusing on his path. “I don’t even think about that,” he said, dismissing the rumors. He’s certain he’s next for the title shot, internet buzz be damned.

In the end, it’s all about that moment in the octagon at UFC 300. Oliveira’s got one thing on his mind: victory. And if he can clinch that win, he’s all but assured his shot at the title. He’s not letting anything—or anyone—distract him from that goal.

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