Charles Oliveira Open to Colby Covington Fight If It Makes Sense

Colby Covington’s latest move? He’s got Charles Oliveira looking over his shoulder.

Yep, you read that right. Covington’s not just talking the talk; he’s making waves.

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So, here’s the scoop: Covington gave a hard pass to fighting welterweight newbie Ian Garry. Garry’s been on his tail for months, but Covington? He’s aiming higher.

He’s calling out Oliveira. Yes, the former lightweight champ who’s been eyeing welterweight territory for his next adventure.

And Oliveira? He’s not saying no. Not if the UFC’s game.

Oliveira spilled the beans to Ag.Fight. It’s all about legacy, history, the big picture. Waking up to a flood of messages got him thinking. Diego, his confidant, was all in. But it’s not just about what Charles wants. The UFC’s got a say too.

Covington’s reputation precedes him. He’s the guy who can’t stop talking. But Oliveira’s intrigued. “Why not?” he says. If it’s good for him, he’s up for the challenge.

But wait, there’s more on Oliveira’s mind.

It’s crunch time for his managers, Diego Ribas and Jorge Patino. They’re weighing options, maybe even getting Oliveira to stand by for Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler at UFC 303.

And there’s chatter about a BMF title fight against Max Holloway. A rematch from 2015 that Oliveira’s itching for, especially since an injury cut their first bout short.

However, don’t hold your breath for Oliveira vs. Renato Carneiro. Oliveira respects “Moicano,” but he’s got his sights set higher in the rankings.

Coming off a split-decision loss to Arman Tsarukyan at UFC 300, Oliveira’s hungry for redemption. That fight was his ticket back to the top, and he’s not about to let it slip away.

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