Chris Weidman Talks Eye Poke Controversy, Rejects Retirement Discussion

Chris Weidman’s victory at UFC on ESPN 54 wasn’t spotless. But, considering his recent hurdles, he’ll embrace any win.

He squared off against Bruno Silva in a match that sparked controversy. The fight was marred by multiple eye pokes, leading to a technical decision in Weidman’s favor.

During the bout’s climax, Weidman’s fingers found Silva’s eyes, not once but twice. Following this, a left hook sent Silva crashing. Weidman then pounced, unleashing a barrage of strikes.

However, the victory was later adjusted to a technical decision. This decision came after reviewing the incidents of eye pokes.

At the post-fight press conference, Weidman addressed the fouls. He insisted that Silva should’ve continued fighting despite the eye pokes.

Weidman, coming from a wrestling background, emphasized resilience. He suggested that looking to the referee for help isn’t always the best strategy.

Silva, on the other hand, felt wronged. He plans to appeal, hoping to change the loss to a no contest. He accused Weidman of fighting with ill intentions, pointing fingers—literally.

Despite the controversy, Weidman was pleased with his performance. The judges unanimously scored the fight in his favor.

This win was crucial for Weidman, especially after a severe leg injury in 2021 and other setbacks. He admitted that a loss might have pushed him into retirement.

Yet, here he stands, victorious and looking ahead in his UFC journey.

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