Coach Confirms Jack Shore Had No Fracture in UFC 301 Doctor Stoppage Loss

Oh, what a day it was supposed to be for Jack Shore at UFC 301. Dreams of victory, dashed in an instant. Not by a knockout, not by submission, but by a doctor’s call. Yeah, you heard it right. The doc thought Jack’s shin was fractured. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

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So, there’s Jack, trading blows with Joanderson Brito. Brito’s throwing low kicks like they’re going out of style. And bam, one of those kicks lands, and the ringside physician thinks, “Uh-oh, that shin looks bad.” Just like that, at 3:35 in Round 2, the fight’s called off.

Jack’s dad, Richard Shore, was not having it. He took to social media, venting his frustration. “A cut shin? Really?” he posted. He argued, Jack pleaded, the cutsman was ready to patch things up. But nope, the doc was convinced it was a fracture. Off to the hospital they went, only to find out it was just a cut. A few stitches later, they’re sent home. Richard’s message? Let fighters fight.

Richard’s tweet echoed his disappointment. “Gutted. Let fighters fight,” he shared, tagging the UFC, UFCEurope, and Dana White, hoping for some solidarity or maybe just a place to vent.

Despite the anticlimactic end, Brito’s record now boasts a five-fight finishing streak. As for Shore, this former Cage Warriors champ now stands at 6-2 in his UFC journey. Not the outcome he wanted, but the fight game is unpredictable.

And then, another tweet from Richard. No words this time, just a picture. Maybe it said everything words couldn’t.

Life in the octagon, folks. It’s not just about the fights. It’s the hopes, the sudden stops, and the what-ifs. Jack Shore’s story at UFC 301? Just another chapter in the wild world of MMA.

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