Coach Eric Nicksick Urges Sean Strickland Not to Become ‘Soft’ for UFC 302

Eric Nicksick, a seasoned coach, nods to the idea that Sean Strickland could use a dash of sophistication. But, he’s quick to clarify, not at the expense of Strickland’s grit.

Strickland, with a record of 28-6, is gearing up for a clash. He’s set to face Paulo Costa, who holds a 14-3 record, in a much-anticipated five-round co-headliner. The event, UFC 302, is slated for June 1 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Strickland, often in the spotlight for his outspoken rants and views, showed a different side recently. A video of him teaching his dog, Harley, to swim sparked conversations. Could the man known as “Tarzan,” a former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champ, have a tender heart?

His coach of many years has an answer: yes. Strickland, it seems, is a “softy” at heart.

Nicksick, alongside Strickland’s girlfriend and their gym crew, is on a mission. They’re polishing Strickland’s rough edges, yet they’re unanimous in one thing. They don’t want to see him lose his inherent toughness.

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“Yeah, of course, man, he’s a big ol’ softy bro. Like 100%,” Nicksick shares in an interview. He emphasizes the balance they strive for with Strickland. Keeping his edge while smoothing out some aspects of his personality. Strickland’s girlfriend, K.J., has been a significant positive influence, according to Nicksick. Together with the gym family, they’re keen on maintaining Strickland’s fierceness, albeit with a touch of refinement.

Strickland’s emotional depth was on full display leading up to his UFC 297 bout against Dricus Du Plessis. A mention of his challenging childhood by du Plessis hit a nerve. Strickland opened up about his past abuse in a heart-wrenching podcast episode with comedian Theo Von. Despite the emotional turmoil, he faced “Stillknocks” in the ring, ultimately conceding his title in a split decision that could have gone either way.

An Instagram post from ESPN MMA pops up, offering a visual break and a momentary diversion from the narrative.

And just like that, the script shifts back to the world of MMA, leaving readers to ponder the complexities and contradictions that make up a fighter like Sean Strickland.

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