Coach Says Kayla Harrison Ahead of Schedule in Bantamweight Cut for UFC 300

Oh boy, UFC 300’s got everyone buzzing, right? And why wouldn’t it? There’s this fascinating story we’re all hooked on. It’s about Kayla Harrison. Yeah, the same Kayla Harrison who’s eyeing to slim down to 135 pounds. Talk about a challenge!

So, here’s the scoop. Jeremy Fedoruk, Kayla’s strength and conditioning coach, spilled the beans. He says Kayla’s smashing her goals, way ahead of the game for her face-off with Holly Holm on April 13. Fedoruk’s been in Kayla’s corner since she joined American Top Team back in 2018. After a heart-to-heart with him and nutritionist Eric Pena, Kayla decided to take the plunge to 135 pounds.

Fedoruk was like, “We’ve hit 145 before. Now, just 10 more pounds to shed.” Sounds simple, right? But we all know it’s anything but.

Now, onto Kayla’s secret weapon: her power. She’s known for dominating her opponents with sheer strength. But here’s the kicker – Fedoruk isn’t worried about her losing any of that oomph. The plan? Trim down the muscle density but keep the power intact. Kayla’s no stranger to tossing folks around. She’s all about that high-velocity, power-packed action.

Three weeks out from the fight, Fedoruk’s confidence is through the roof. “She’s not losing an ounce of power or strength,” he assures. And honestly, he’s avoiding making any bold predictions for her UFC debut. But, it’s clear he’s expecting fireworks.

Fedoruk can’t help but gush about Kayla. She’s not just any fighter; she’s a two-time Olympic gold medalist, a PFL champ twice over, and a force of nature. With her eyes on the prize, Kayla’s ready to take on the world. And come April 13, she’s set to prove just how unique she truly is. Holly Holm’s tough, no doubt, but Kayla? She’s in a league of her own.

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