Coach Wants Sean Strickland to Rely on Corner’s Instincts Against Paulo Costa

Oh, Sean Strickland. The guy’s a wild card, isn’t he? Eric Nicksick, his coach, spilled the beans. Apparently, listening isn’t Strickland’s strongest suit. But hey, who’s perfect?

Now, onto the juicy bits. Strickland’s gearing up to throw down with Paulo Costa. This clash is set for UFC 302. Picture it: Newark, New Jersey, Prudential Center, June 1. It’s not just any fight; it’s the co-main event. Strickland’s stepping into this after a knockout loss to Alex Pereira last year. That fight? A bit of a head-scratcher. Strickland decided to trade blows up close with a former Glory Kickboxing champ. With Costa’s dynamite hands, Nicksick’s sweating bullets over the possibility of history repeating itself.

Nicksick’s words? “Of course, I’m always worried. He doesn’t listen for s—t.” Classic. He’s pushing for a more rounded MMA strategy, especially in a five-rounder. But will Strickland take the advice? Nicksick’s not holding his breath.

Post-Pereira, Strickland faced Jared Cannonier and narrowly lost. But then, like a phoenix, he rose. He snagged a title shot and shocked the world by beating Israel Adesanya. A huge upset. Nicksick mentioned a pivotal moment after the Cannonier fight. Strickland had an epiphany. He realized the value of listening to his corner. That realization? It led to back-to-back wins and a title victory.

But then came Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297. Strickland lost his title in a split decision. Nicksick hinted that had Strickland heeded their advice, the outcome might’ve been different. It’s all about growth, both for the fighter and the coach. Nicksick’s hopeful; maybe this time, Strickland will tune in and secure another win.

The upcoming bout with Costa? It’s a five-round marathon, not a sprint. This setup plays to Strickland’s strengths, according to Nicksick. Strickland’s known for his stamina, his relentless pressure. Nicksick’s betting this will tip the scales in their favor.

Training’s been brutal, by the way. Strickland’s been grinding at Xtreme Couture in Vegas. He’s sparring with Bellator MMA middleweight champ Johnny Eblen. These sessions? Intense. Nicksick’s thrilled with the synergy between Strickland and Eblen. They’re pushing each other to the limit.

Nicksick’s confident. He’s betting Strickland can finish Costa without leaving it in the hands of the judges. “I think Sean could get him out of there by round 4 or round 5,” he predicts. Let’s see if Strickland listens this time, or if it’ll be another wild ride.

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