Colby Covington Eyes Future Fights with Belal Muhammad, Charles Oliveira

Oh, Colby Covington. Always keeping us on our toes, aren’t you? He’s like that friend who can’t decide where to eat. One minute it’s tacos, the next it’s sushi.

And guess what? He’s at it again. This time, Covington’s eyes are darting around the welterweight division, looking for his next challenge. But, nope, not Ian Garry. Despite Garry’s loud calls for a showdown, Covington’s gaze has shifted elsewhere.

Enter Belal Muhammad. Ah, Belal. Covington’s got his sights set on him now. Why? Well, Muhammad’s been in the spotlight, inching closer to that coveted 170-pound title shot. Covington, though, he’s throwing shade. He’s not buying what Muhammad’s selling, especially after Muhammad’s win over Gilbert Burns back in May 2023.

Covington’s got words. “I would like [to fight] Belal; he’s talked a lot of smack,” he spilled the beans to Submission Radio. He’s not thrilled about Muhammad claiming Covington’s success is all thanks to “White privilege.” And squatting on rankings? Covington’s not having it. He thinks it’s time Muhammad stepped back into the octagon.

But wait, there’s more. Charles Oliveira, fresh off a loss at UFC 300, is eyeing a move up to welterweight. And Covington? He’s rolling out the welcome mat. “I want legacy fights,” he declared, aiming to cement his status even further.

Covington’s boasting about his popularity in Brazil might raise a few eyebrows. “I’m the king of Brazil,” he claimed, confident that he’s the heartthrob of Brazilian women and the envy of Brazilian men. Oliveira stepping up to welterweight? Covington’s all for it, challenging the former lightweight champ to walk the talk.

Yet, the odds of Covington clashing with Muhammad seem slim. Muhammad’s record is impressive, unbeaten in his last 10 UFC fights since 2019, and he’s dead set on fighting for the title next. Covington’s recent track record? Not as shiny, with a 2-3 score in his last five fights, including three missed shots at gold.

So, what’s next for Covington? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: it’s never a dull moment with him around.

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