Conor McGregor Announces Summer Comeback: It’s All Systems Go

Just a few days back, Conor McGregor was airing his grievances. He was miffed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship for leaving him in the dark. Suddenly, things took a turn. McGregor got the nod he’s been waiting for about his comeback in the Octagon.

Oh, and in case you missed it, McGregor’s been on the sidelines. That leg break in his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier back in July 2021? Yeah, that one. After a bit of a tussle with the USADA, he’s back in the drug testing pool as of October 2023. Despite dropping hints about his return, the UFC seemed like a tough crowd to please. But now, McGregor’s singing a different tune. He’s eyeing a return this summer.

“We got confirmation a few days ago that it’s all systems go,” McGregor spilled to ESPN. “And ‘The Mac,’ ‘The Notorious,’ will be stepping back into the UFC Octagon this summer.”

Last year, McGregor and Michael Chandler were at each other’s throats on “The Ultimate Fighter.” Everyone thought they’d settle their beef post-season. But McGregor? He’s been calling out just about everyone else, leaving Chandler hanging since November 2022. Despite the noise, it’s Chandler he’s set to face.

“Yeah, it’s Michael Chandler. Shut up, Michael, you fuc*ing imbecile. The man doesn’t shut up. Saw him on ‘Raw.’ I like Mike — gonna bust him up. I say it, I do it. That’s how it goes. So, Chandler in the summer,” McGregor declared.

McGregor, who’s bounced between featherweight and lightweight, teased a jump to middleweight for a hot minute. Now, he admits it was all just banter with “Iron.” He hasn’t even checked his weight since his last UFC weigh-in.

“Weight – was just messing about 185 [lbs.]. Haven’t hit the scales, Marc [Raimondi], since my last UFC weigh-in. Been a while, so we’ll see,” McGregor mused.

Recently, McGregor vented about Dana White nixing his Mexican Independence Day fight idea with Diaz. It seemed like the UFC’s silence was pushing him away. But that’s old news now.

“But I got great news, it’s all systems go. Thumbs up, thumbs up. Got the call; everything’s sweet. Hit the gym. Had my camps in Dubai, Cannes. Was prepping, then hit a wall of silence. Got distracted. But now, it’s game on. No backing out. Got a full-scale UFC Octagon at home. Had a proper scrap to kick things off, and camp has begun.”

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