Conor McGregor Says BKFC is a Better Option for Former UFC Fighters Than Other MMA Promotions

Conor McGregor’s got an eye for the fight game, beyond the octagon. He’s throwing his weight behind Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), seeing it as prime real estate for ex-UFC fighters. Why? Well, it’s simple. McGregor reckons the MMA world’s got its king – the UFC – and the rest are just scrapping for scraps.

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Earlier this year, McGregor made a power move. He snagged a piece of the BKFC pie. His reason? The MMA promotion scene’s bursting at the seams, but it’s the UFC that’s sitting pretty at the top. For McGregor, BKFC offers something fresh, something that gets the blood pumping more than the usual MMA fare.

McGregor’s not shy about his opinions. He’s noticed that when UFC vets throw down in other MMA rings, it barely causes a ripple. But toss them into the BKFC mix? Now that’s a spectacle. Fighters like Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez? They bring the heat, making BKFC bouts a must-watch.

“We’ve got the UFC,” McGregor told The MacLife, “and then what? The rest don’t quite cut it.” He’s all about the buzz, the excitement. And for him, nothing beats the thrill of a bareknuckle brawl. Imagine a UFC stalwart like Justin Gaethje stepping into that ring. That’s the kind of adrenaline rush McGregor lives for.

McGregor’s also keen to point out how chummy this all is with the UFC. His dive into BKFC isn’t stepping on any toes. In fact, it’s music to the UFC’s ears. This partnership? It’s like taking the air out of the competition’s tires – a total game-changer.

McGregor’s been flirting with BKFC for a bit. He even squared up with BKFC’s big name, Perry, at an event. His brands, Forged Irish Stout and Proper 12 Whiskey, even sponsored a BKFC event. What really got McGregor hooked, though, was the matchmaking. He’s tipping his hat to Dave Feldman for that.

“The matchmaking’s on another level,” McGregor said. Stellar fights like Luke Rockhold vs. Mike Perry? That’s the kind of action that gets McGregor’s seal of approval.

After a three-year break, McGregor’s stepping back into the UFC ring. He’s set to face Michael Chandler in a blockbuster main event at UFC 303 on June 29. It’s a comeback that’s got everyone talking.

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