Curtis Blaydes Views Jailton Almeida as Lacking Versatility

Curtis Blaydes is all set to take on Jailton Almeida this Saturday at UFC 299. The venue? Kaseya Center in Miami. It’s gonna be epic, folks.

Originally, these two were supposed to throw down in Sao Paolo last November. But, you know, life happened. Blaydes had to bow out due to an injury. Enter Derrick Lewis, who got thoroughly dominated by Almeida for five whole rounds. Despite Almeida’s win, Blaydes wasn’t exactly wowed.

He likened Almeida to Demian Maia, the UFC’s welterweight wizard. “He did what I thought he would do, take him down,” Blaydes remarked. He’s not wrong. Almeida’s game plan was pretty much what you’d expect from a jiu-jitsu heavyweight. Not much in the way of striking, just a whole lot of grappling.

When prodded about who he sees himself in, Blaydes didn’t hesitate. He’s like Merab Dvalishvili, just without the endless energy. But here’s the kicker – Blaydes is convinced his arsenal is more diverse, especially standing up.

“That’s the beauty of being multifaceted,” he said, brimming with confidence. “I don’t have one path to victory. I can win on the feet. I can grapple. Knockouts? Been there, done that.”

Originally, their fight was set for five rounds. Now, at UFC 299, they’re looking at a three-round prelim. Almeida might have preferred the longer bout, but Blaydes? He’s just fine with the change.

“I prefer to be on the prelims,” Blaydes admitted. He’s not keen on spending his whole day stewing over the fight. Win quickly, then it’s back to the hotel for some well-deserved rest. Sounds like a plan.

And what about after? Tom Aspinall’s thrown his hat in the ring, eager to face the victor. Almeida’s eyeing a title shot, but Blaydes is a bit more cynical. “I have no idea,” he said, hinting at the influence of social media on matchmaking. “It seems like storylines are based on Instagram followers.”

So, there you have it. A showdown that’s as much about skill as it is about the narrative. Saturday can’t come soon enough.

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