Dalby, Bonfim, Brener, Petrino Each Earn $50K Bonuses at UFC Fight Night 231.

The UFC Fight Night 231 co-main event was an exciting competition, marked by two distinct rounds. Dana White’s Contender Series alum Gabriel Bonfim dominated the opening stage, only for Nicolas Dalby to dramatically ramp up the pressure in Round 2. Dalby’s aggressive tactics led to a technical knockout victory at the 4:33 mark of the round. This back-and-forth exchange resulted in both Dalby and Bonfirm being honored with the “Fight of the Night” title, earning each of them a $50,000 bonus for their efforts in the thrilling welterweight match.

Elsewhere at UFC Fight Night 231, Elves Berner received a separate $50,000 “Performance of the Night” check for his triumphant fight against last-minute competitor, Kaynan Kruschewsky. Berner, a representative of Chute Boxe, ended the match with a perfectly-aimed left hand behind Kruschewsky’s ear. This decisive blow sent Kruschewsky face-first onto the canvas, concluding the match at the 4:01 mark of Round 1.

Lastly, there were more exciting moments when Vitor Petrino secured the night’s other $50,000 “Performance of the Night” bonus. He achieved this for his remarkable finish against Modestas Bukauskas in the featured light heavyweight bout. Petrino’s short left hook put an end to Bukauskas’ night, maintaining his undefeated record. His resounding knockout win was secured just 1:03 into the second round. All these exciting events transpired during UFC Fight Night 231, a night to remember in the world of MMA.

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