Dana White Dismisses Dillon Danis’ Potential UFC Roster Inclusion

Dana White recently shared his thoughts on Dillon Danis. He stated, “Every time he’s around, sh*t’s going down.” This quote was shared on the Full Send podcast.

White doesn’t seem too eager to bring Danis into the UFC. This sentiment was shared on Twitter by MMA Orbit on November 28, 2023.

Dillon Danis is known for his antics outside of actual competition. This behavior might be the biggest detriment to his aspirations of becoming an Ultimate Fighting Championship athlete.

Danis initially gained attention as Conor McGregor’s training partner. He has managed to stay relevant by getting involved in several feuds with influencers and fighters.

The biggest highlight of Danis’ career is arguably his involvement in the infamous UFC 229 brawl. This brawl was between the camps of McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Danis also recently threw a microphone at Logan Paul. This incident resulted in “The Maverick” getting cut open ahead of their boxing clash.

Despite the fight proceeding, Danis lost via disqualification. He started a brawl in the sixth round by trying to wrestle his opponent. “El Jefe” also got into an altercation with UFC alum Steven Peterson while in attendance for UFC 295 in New York.

Danis has only competed twice in professional mixed martial arts under the Bellator MMA banner. Since being released by the Scott Coker-run organization earlier this year, Danis has been vocally rallying to be signed by the UFC.

However, judging by the words of UFC CEO Dana White, this doesn’t seem likely. White recently shot down the possibility of Danis joining the promotion, citing his antics outside the cage.

The UFC frontman also dismissed the notion that the promotion encourages such scuffles in order to sell fights. He said, “I have no beef with the kid at all, I’ve probably said two words to him in my whole life — but every time he’s around, sh*t’s going down. We can’t have that stuff going on here.”

White further explained, “A lot of people will see when guys get into it on stage or something starts to happen they’re like, ‘Oh they must love this!’ No, we don’t love it. We don’t need that s*it to sell fights. The athletic commission goes crazy, and people start getting fined and they come after us. It’s our job to keep that s*it under control. That’s why where you see these other events with guys and everything breaks out like that, it’s a f*cking total unprofessional clown show.”

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