Dana White Stars in Super Bowl Ad with Peyton Manning, Post Malone

Oh boy, Dana White’s about to light up our screens during the biggest TV event of the year. Yup, you guessed it—the Super Bowl.

He’s not alone, though. Imagine chilling with retired NFL legend Peyton Manning and the one and only Post Malone. They’re all starring in a Bud Light commercial that’s set to drop when the Kansas City Chiefs clash with the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday.

So, what’s the big idea behind the ad? Picture this: an “easy night out” but with a twist, thanks to the Bud Light Genie. Sounds intriguing, right?

White couldn’t hide his excitement. “It was an absolute blast,” he gushed. He’s all in with Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light, celebrating this as a mega American mash-up. Working with the cast and Peyton? A dream come true for him.

Here’s the kicker: UFC and Bud Light are now best buds. They’ve inked a multi-year deal, making Bud Light the go-to beer for UFC fans. And guess what? This isn’t just any deal—it’s the biggest in UFC’s history. They’re rekindling an old flame, having parted ways with Modelo, their previous beer partner, back in 2017.

Talk about a power move, right?

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