Daniel Cormier to Leave NCAA Wrestling Commentary Amid Criticism

Daniel Cormier’s made a big decision. He’s stepping back from NCAA wrestling commentary. Why? Well, it seems the feedback from his last gig was a bit too much.

So, who’s Cormier? He’s not just any guy. This former NCAA All-American wrestler hails from Oklahoma State University. Plus, he’s been on the U.S. Olympic wrestling team not once, but twice. After making waves in MMA and clinching titles in two UFC divisions, he got the nod to lend his voice to NCAA wrestling championships. His commentary? It’s been a mixed bag. Some love his energy, but others? They say he’s not technical enough.

Cormier’s response to the backlash was pretty straightforward. “You guys have it. I am out sorry to ruin your experience! You know I don’t ask to do this. Very important people ask me to do it. Anyhow carry on my friend, I am out. Back to the minor leagues for me,” he tweeted. He added, “Guys [I’m] out. This will be my last time doing the NCAA tournament,” expressing his frustration with the sport’s resistance to change.

His tweets caught the eye of Mason Beckman, a former collegiate wrestler turned assistant coach. Beckman faced his own share of online heat after sharing his thoughts. “Didn’t realize my opinion would create such a firestorm,” he tweeted. He believes entertainment shouldn’t overshadow a deep understanding of the sport and its athletes.

Cormier’s commentary style has also sparked debates among UFC fans and fighters. When quizzed about possibly quitting his UFC commentary role, Cormier’s reply was cheeky yet honest: “I get paid a lot there lol.”

It’s clear Cormier’s journey in sports commentary has been anything but dull. From the highs of engaging fans to the lows of facing criticism, he’s seen it all. And through tweets and candid admissions, he’s kept us all in the loop. Whether you’re a fan of his style or not, one thing’s for sure: Cormier’s impact on sports commentary is undeniable.

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