Demetrious Johnson Believes Muhammad Mokaev Can Beat Alexandre Pantoja

Oh, boy. Did you catch that UFC 301 headliner? Demetrious Johnson sure did. And guess what? He’s got some thoughts. Big ones. He’s looking at Muhammad Mokaev and thinking, “This kid? Yeah, he’s got what it takes to knock Alexandre Pantoja off his flyweight throne.”

Now, let’s chat about that fight in Rio de Janeiro. Johnson, watching from wherever he chills, wasn’t exactly on the edge of his seat. Pantoja, with a unanimous decision win over Steve Erceg, didn’t impress. Eight minutes of ground control and what? Not much damage. Johnson’s take? “One-dimensional.”

So, Johnson spills the beans on his YouTube channel. He’s like, “Pantoja? Not feeling it.” Says the guy’s grappling is all he’s got. Keep him at bay, and you’ve got him. Clinch game? Non-existent. It’s all run, punch, takedown, repeat. Yawn.

But wait, there’s more. Johnson, who’s seen a few things in his time, ranks Pantoja’s performances. And, uh, they’re not topping any charts. Especially not when you stack ’em next to the UFC’s flyweight legends. Johnson’s verdict? Starts strong, fizzles out. Like, he’s cutting too much weight or something.

Now, Johnson’s got eyes on the future. Steve Erceg? Give him a bit, and he’s there. But Mokaev? Johnson’s betting on him now. Better striking, wrestling, and decision-making. In Johnson’s world, Mokaev’s the guy to watch.

And there you have it. A quick dive into Johnson’s mind post-UFC 301. He’s got his picks, his pans, and a whole lot of opinions. What’s next? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: the flyweight division just got a whole lot more interesting.

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