Derrick Lewis Jokingly Denies Recent Reckless Driving Arrest

Derrick Lewis, the UFC fighter, seems to be taking his recent arrest for reckless driving lightly. Known as “The Black Beast,” Lewis was apprehended driving a red Lamborghini at a staggering speed of 136 mph in a 50 mph zone in Harris County, Texas. The incident took place last week when he was seen speeding past a law enforcement officer while weaving in and out of traffic and making unsafe lane changes.

Upon his arrest, Lewis was given a $100 personal recognizance bond and was released from custody on the same day. His next court appearance in regard to this incident is scheduled for December 27th. Following his arrest, Lewis decided to keep a lighthearted demeanor in response to the media scrutiny regarding the incident.

During a media interaction ahead of UFC Fight Night 231 held in Sao Paulo, he dismissed the incident with humor. In response to a question regarding the reckless driving arrest, Lewis said, “Nah, I don’t even think that was me. That guy had hair. You seen the picture? I don’t got no hair. That ain’t me,” trying to imply that the person arrested wasn’t him as the arrest report mentioned the detained person had hair. This is in fact inaccurate as Lewis is known to be bald and last weighed in at 264 pounds for his most recent appearance in the Octagon.

The arrest for reckless driving, although treated flippantly by Lewis, is by no means a light matter. It’s a misdemeanor charge with potential penalties. The Houston native could possibly face up to 30 days in jail and a $200 fine for the offense. Even though the arrest doesn’t disrupt his upcoming main event bout against Jailton Almeida on the following Saturday, it does present an unwelcome legal hiccup for the fighter.

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