Diego Sanchez Details Traumatic Time with Former Coach Joshua Fabia

Diego Sanchez unleashed a storm on Instagram. He blasted his former coach, Joshua Fabia, accusing him of years of trauma. It was a fiery comeback.

Fabia first grabbed headlines during Sanchez’s odd exit from the UFC in 2021. He demanded all of Sanchez’s medical records, sparking concerns about the fighter’s health. The UFC wanted assurance of Sanchez’s well-being. Sanchez, through a lawyer, admitted he couldn’t confirm his health status. He hadn’t had a recent neurological check. Consequently, a fight with Donald Cerrone was canceled, and Sanchez got cut from the roster.

Not long after, Sanchez cut ties with Fabia. The coach then lashed out, claiming Sanchez was an addict and had sexual abuse issues. Sanchez stayed silent at first. Now, he labels Fabia a “psychopath” who’s been haunting him post-split.

Sanchez shared a chilling video on Instagram. “For two years, I’ve been fleeing a nightmare,” he said. He described Fabia as a manipulative force that ended his UFC career. Sanchez revealed he paid Fabia to escape the toxic situation. It was pay or face a dire outcome.

In a bizarre training clip, Fabia chased fighters with a knife. Another showed him punching an inverted Sanchez. Sanchez opted for a payout over violence, fearing Fabia, an alleged former hitman with cartel ties. He also accused Fabia of conjuring demons through witchcraft.

Sanchez chose peace, trusting God to provide. He feared prison would rob him of his daughter’s childhood. He described Fabia as a Manson-like figure, a danger to himself and his family.

“This guy was psycho,” Sanchez said. He claimed Fabia dabbled in witchcraft, a reality he believes is as tangible as its mention in the Bible. Sanchez felt destroyed by Fabia’s influence, only finding solace in returning to his faith.

After enduring years of alleged trauma, Sanchez decided it was time to speak up. He’s ready to move on, with faith as his shield. He’s standing firm, ready to battle this “evil bully.”

Post-UFC, Sanchez faced Kevin Lee at Eagle FC and Austin Trout in Bareknuckle FC. Despite these challenges, he’s eager to return to the cage. First, he must confront his past with Fabia to find peace and resume training.

Sanchez’s story is a stark reminder of the battles fighters face outside the ring. It’s a tale of survival, faith, and the quest for peace.

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