Drakkar Klose Believes Jalin Turner Shouldn’t be Ranked in Top 15

Drakkar Klose has something to say. It’s about Jalin Turner. He’s pretty blunt about it. Turner, he says, doesn’t deserve a spot in the top 15.

Why? He doesn’t elaborate. But he’s adamant.

“Jalin Turner? Top 15?” He scoffs. “No way, man.”

It’s a bold claim. And it’s got people talking. Some agree. Others, not so much.

But Klose? He’s sticking to his guns. He doesn’t think Turner’s earned it. Not yet, anyway.

And maybe he’s got a point. Or maybe not. Who knows?

But one thing’s for sure. This isn’t the last we’ll hear of it. Not by a long shot.

So, there you have it. Drakkar Klose’s take. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s… well, it’s something.

Turner in the top 15? Not if Klose has anything to say about it.

And you know what? He just might.

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