Drakkar Klose Reveals How Daniel Cormier’s Fight Week Diss Originated

Drakkar Klose had a bit of a laugh, throwing a playful jab at Daniel Cormier. He claimed DC threw some shade his way after his victory at UFC 301 against Joaquim Silva.

In Rio de Janeiro, Klose managed to snag a unanimous decision win. This victory was even sweeter as it came right in Silva’s backyard. Post-fight, Klose didn’t hold back, suggesting Cormier had dissed him. Of course, DC brushed off the accusation.

The story got a bit more color during the post-fight presser. Earlier in the week, Klose had his sights set on Paul Felder. Cormier, present at the time, quipped that Klose’s game plan would just be to pin “The Irish Dragon” against the cage.

As the fight unfolded, Klose dominated the first round against Silva. But the later rounds? They were a nail-biter. Reflecting on Cormier’s earlier comments, Klose found himself clinching Silva against the cage, thinking, “Damn, this is exactly what DC warned about.”

Despite the clinch-heavy strategy against Silva, Klose is still keen on a bout with Felder. Given Felder’s hiatus since November 2020, Klose sees an opportunity.

Klose openly admitted the clinch work wore him out by the final round. In a candid moment with Cormier in the Octagon, he said, “What you mentioned about Felder, doing that to Silva really drained me. Wasn’t the plan, but man, Silva’s no easy opponent.”

Silva didn’t leave the Octagon without making his own callouts. He set his sights on Beneil Dariush and Jalin Turner. In a post-fight chat, Klose expressed his desire for a rematch with Dariush and questioned Turner’s ranking in the Top 15.

So, there you have it. A mix of playful banter, strategic callouts, and reflections on a fight that went down in the books. Klose’s journey continues, with eyes on Felder and a score to settle with Dariush and Turner.

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