Dustin Poirier Aims to Correct Course, Eyes Championship at UFC 299

Dustin Poirier’s latest bout at UFC 299 didn’t quite hit his usual high mark. You know, the kind of explosive, headline-grabbing clash we’ve come to expect from him.

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Poirier, a stalwart of American Top Team, has a resume that’s pretty darn impressive. He’s tangled with Conor McGregor thrice, vied for the lightweight crown twice, and headlined more events than you can shake a stick at. Benoit St. Denis, though? A rising star, sure, with a knack for finishing fights. But not the typical opponent Poirier’s used to facing.

“It was kind of a timing thing,” Poirier mused after the fight. The lightweight division was in a bit of a pickle, with no big names on the horizon. “I wanted to fight, especially coming off a loss. But this guy, he’s on a roll. So, why not?”

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St. Denis certainly didn’t make it easy for him. The French fighter came at Poirier with everything he had, showcasing his striking and grappling prowess. But Poirier, ever the warrior, found his rhythm in the second round, delivering a stunning right hook that turned the tide.

Rebounding from a defeat to Justin Gaethje last July, Poirier needed this win. “It feels good to right the ship,” he admitted. Facing a younger, hungry fighter like St. Denis was a gamble, but one that paid off.

Training for this fight was no walk in the park. Stressful, even. But victory? Sweet.

Despite being on the back foot initially, Poirier managed to glean some insights into St. Denis’s approach. “I was surprised by his punching power,” Poirier confessed. He expected more of a grappling match, but St. Denis’s strength caught him off guard.

Poirier’s own attempts at a guillotine were bold, if not entirely successful. “You miss all the ones you don’t jump,” he quipped, reflecting on the fight’s grappling exchanges.

At 35, Poirier’s seen a lot of action. Yet, the UFC lightweight title remains just out of reach. “That’s the dream,” he said, pondering his future. “But we’ve got to see what’s next.”

Poirier’s journey in MMA is a testament to his resilience. He’s ticked off many achievements, but one goal still eludes him: undisputed world champion. Will he reach it? Only time will tell.

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