Dustin Poirier Shares Message to Dana White After UFC 299 Win

Oh boy, Dustin Poirier really did a number at UFC 299, didn’t he? Knocked the lights out of Benoit St. Denis. And then, as if the win wasn’t loud enough, he had a bone to pick with Dana White. Classic Poirier.

Remember when St. Denis, out of the blue, called out Poirier last year? Poirier kinda shrugged it off. But then, bam! UFC dangles the fight in front of him. Poirier had to dig deep to find the motivation for this one.

Going into the fight, Poirier was the underdog. Can you believe that? The first round was a bit rough, with Poirier getting tangled in wrestling exchanges. But then, Louisiana’s pride turned the tables with a killer right hook in the second round. Lights out for St. Denis.

After the win, Poirier didn’t just walk away. Nope. He made a beeline for Dana White. For a sec, it looked like he was chatting up Donald Trump. But nope, it was all for Dana. “You want me to fight these young guns, huh? Well, this is what happens,” Poirier laid it out on “The MMA Hour.”

Dana White couldn’t help but sing Poirier’s praises, calling him a “f—ing legend.” And Poirier? He had a heart-to-heart with St. Denis right there in the Octagon. After the dust of their “Fight of the Night” settled, Poirier shared some veteran wisdom about health and taking it easy.

Poirier’s been in this game for over 15 years. The battles with guys like Gaethje have made him think hard about the toll it takes. He respects the hustle, the dream chase. But at the end of the day, he knows this sport is a tough cookie. “Take care of yourself,” he advised St. Denis. “Train smart.” Because, let’s face it, this business? It’s no walk in the park.

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