Five Surprising Facts About Rich Franklin

Oh, Rich Franklin. The guy’s a legend, right? He’s not your typical fighter. No wild tattoos or crazy hair. Just a former high school teacher who ended up becoming a UFC middleweight champ. Pretty cool, huh? And yeah, he’s in the UFC Hall of Fame now. Deservedly so.

Franklin’s record? Solid. He’s got 29 wins, 7 losses, and one no contest out of 37 fights. Beat some big names too. Think Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell, Evan Tanner, and Wanderlei Silva. Not too shabby.

It’s been a while since Franklin hung up his gloves. Nearly nine years, actually. But there’s still stuff you might not know about him. Like, did you know the guy’s got a brain for math and a heart for fighting? Before he was knocking people out, he was teaching math in Ohio. Got a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. His dad thought he was nuts for leaving teaching for fighting. Franklin even doubted himself at times. But look at him now.

And he’s not just about fighting. Franklin’s been on a mission to change how people see fighters. Dana White, the UFC boss, loves pointing out how smart these guys are. Franklin’s a prime example. He says fighting takes brains, dedication, and being sharp. It’s not just about throwing punches.

Let’s talk business. Franklin’s not just a fighter; he’s an entrepreneur. Started an athletic clothing brand back in 2002. Then there’s the juice thing. He opened a juice and fusion cafe in Beverly Hills. Didn’t last long, but hey, he tried. Now they’re all about wholesale juice.

And movies? Yeah, Franklin’s been in those too. Played a cyborg soldier and even portrayed a coach in a comedy. Diverse, right?

But what really gets me is his work with kids. Franklin’s all about giving back, especially to those from tough backgrounds. He’s with ONE Championship now, scouting talent and being a role model. That’s Rich Franklin for you. A fighter, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and a genuinely good guy.

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