Former UFC Champion Brandon Moreno Takes Break from MMA

Brandon Moreno, the former UFC flyweight champion, isn’t hanging up his gloves just yet. But, he’s pressing the pause button on his MMA career. He spilled the beans on social media last Monday, saying he needs a breather from the sport’s grind. Moreno, who’s clinched the title twice, is bouncing back from a split-decision loss to Brandon Royval at UFC Fight Night 237 on February 24.

“I’m all in, working hard, staying dedicated, but the wins? They’re just not coming,” Moreno shared on Instagram, his words translated from Spanish by “It’s a tough pill to swallow, makes me sad, but hey, bouncing back is what I do.”

Moreno’s feeling the weight of it all. The media circus, the repetitive questions, the vibe, the relentless pressure—it’s a lot. “It’s not just one thing; it’s everything piling up over the years. My mind’s overwhelmed, and I crave some downtime. I’m not quitting MMA, but yeah, I need a break. Time to chill with my family, be a regular guy, hang with my daughters, and maybe try some new stuff.”

“I’ve been so dialed into training, there’s a ton I’ve missed out on. This isn’t goodbye, though. Just hang tight, let me get my head and body right, and I’ll be back to make things right.”

Moreno made history as the first Mexican-born champ in the UFC by submitting Deiveson Figueiredo in their rematch at UFC 263. “The Assassin Baby” lost the title to Figueiredo in their trilogy at UFC 270 but snatched it back in their fourth face-off at UFC 283. Unfortunately, he lost the title again at UFC 290 to Alexandre, marking his second two-fight losing streak.

Reflecting on his recent defeat to Royval in Mexico City, Moreno said, “What can I say? A month later, and I’m still processing it. Walking out to the Octagon at Arena CDMX was incredible, a moment I’ll never forget. The last time I was there, in 2019, people cheered, but this? This was next level. Everyone was behind me, singing my song. It was magical.”

“But it’s not all rosy. I gave it my all to win. The camp went great, I dodged injuries, and I poured my heart into it. Yet, here I am, with two back-to-back losses. They’re odd losses, ones you could argue I didn’t deserve. But a loss is a loss. One guy ended up in the hospital, and the other had to be wheeled out, but I didn’t get the win. So, there’s work to be done.”

Moreno’s not sure when he’ll be back in the octagon, but he’s not losing sight of the UFC championship. “Last time I hit a rough patch, I came back and won the title. I believe I can do it again. I’m still a phenomenal fighter, with all the skills and heart to be a champion again.”

“All I can promise is I’ll keep fighting, keep pushing forward, and find my way. I’m determined to pick myself up. I want this, I know I can do it, and I will. I’ll be champion again. Just need some time to rest up.”

So, while Moreno takes his well-deserved break, the MMA world waits eagerly for the return of “The Assassin Baby.” Will he make his comeback and climb to the top once more? Only time will tell.

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