Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Mark Coleman Hospitalized Again Due to Pneumonia

Mark Coleman’s been through the wringer. Last week, he turned hero, saving his parents from a blaze at their Fremont, Ohio, home. Now, he’s fighting another battle.

His daughter, Kenzie, shared on social media that the ex-UFC heavyweight champ’s back in the hospital. This time, pneumonia’s the culprit.

“It’s been a whirlwind of a week,” she penned. Just yesterday, they discharged him, thinking he was stable. But home in Columbus, trouble brewed. Numbness and chest pain kicked in, sending them racing back to the hospital.

Turns out, pneumonia had set in. Despite the setback, Coleman’s spirits remain unbroken. He’s still the positive, spunky guy we all admire. He’s grateful for the outpouring of love and support during this tough time.

Kenzie’s message was clear: “He’s the epitome of strength. Sometimes, I swear he’s superhuman.” Coleman’s love for his supporters is immense. “Without them, he’s nothing,” he often says.

After a daring rescue from the fire, Coleman was initially hospitalized for severe smoke inhalation. His condition quickly improved, thankfully.

In a recent video, despite feeling rough, Coleman’s optimism shines. “Still sober,” he quips, eager to get moving again, even if it’s just in bed.

To help with his mounting medical bills, Coleman’s family set up a GoFundMe. The response? Overwhelming. They’ve smashed past their $100,000 goal.

Life’s thrown a lot at Coleman lately. But if anyone can fight through this, it’s him. Let’s keep the champ in our thoughts as he battles back to health.

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