Gilbert Burns Discusses UFC 299 Defeat by Jack Della Maddalena

Gilbert Burns recently opened up about his defeat. He faced Jack Della Maddalena at UFC 299. It was a match that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Burns managed to survive Maddalena’s initial assault. He even took his opponent down towards the end of the first round. The second round saw Burns dominating with top control.

Despite Burns’ efforts, Maddalena turned the tables in the third round. A desperate scramble allowed Maddalena to get back on his feet. He then landed a massive knee, followed by a flurry of strikes, securing a victory with just a minute and a half to spare.

Burns took to Instagram to reflect on the match. He admitted to making a critical mistake that cost him the fight. Yet, he didn’t shy away from praising Maddalena’s performance. “Felt great in there! Put on a great training camp and a good strategy, unfortunately, it’s the fight game made a bad decision and paid for it!” Burns expressed his gratitude towards God, his family, team, friends, sponsors, supporters, and fans. He’s looking forward to spending quality time with his family and promised to return soon.

Maddalena’s win extended his professional winning streak to 17. Meanwhile, Burns faced his second consecutive loss, a first in his MMA career.

The Instagram post from Burns echoed his sportsmanship and determination. It’s clear he’s not down for the count just yet. Fans eagerly await his return to the octagon, hopeful for a comeback.

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