Highlights & Lowlights from UFC Fight Night 236

Oh, the Ultimate Fighting Championship made its way back to the cozy confines of the UFC Apex. This time, it was a jam-packed 14-fight card that had everyone talking. The main event? Middleweight hopefuls Joe Pyfer and the 11th ranked Jack Hermansson going head to head. Despite trailing for two rounds, Hermansson flipped the script and snagged a unanimous decision win. The scores? All three judges saw it 48-47.

Now, let’s dive into the good, the bad, and, well, the downright ugly from UFC Fight Night 236.

**The Good: Rock-a-Bye Baby**

They don’t just hand out nicknames. Dan Ige, aka “50k,” proved exactly why he’s worth every penny. With a stunning overhand right, he sent Andre Fili straight to dreamland in the first round of their featherweight clash. Remember Ige’s last outing against Bryce Mitchell? Not his best. But this Saturday? He reminded us all why he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Post-fight, Ige gave a shoutout to his wife, Savannah, who’s in the throes of labor with their baby girl. Fatherhood’s got him fighting like a beast, it seems. If this is how he’s gonna perform every time he’s about to be a dad, maybe it’s time to rethink training strategies.

Jokes aside, Ige’s knockout was the highlight of the night. And yes, he bagged that well-deserved bonus. The co-main event? Wrapped up by Ige in minutes, making Dana White’s checkbook a bit lighter. Diapers, as it turns out, aren’t cheap.

**The Bad: They Can’t All Be Bangers**

Not every fight’s gonna end with a knockout. Doesn’t mean it’s a dud. But let’s be real, UFC Fight Night 236 had its share of snoozers. From a no-contest right out of the gate to a surprisingly dull bout from Jeremiah Wells, the event felt a bit soulless.

The card was peppered with fighters bouncing back from losses, greenhorns making their debut, and a 37-year-old Michael Johnson. Only Ige and Hermansson were ranked in the UFC’s Top 15 for their weight classes. With the UFC’s packed schedule, spreading talent thin is inevitable, but this event? Maybe not the best timing.

Dropping a lackluster card right before the Super Bowl? A missed opportunity, especially with Vegas buzzing for the big game. The UFC had a chance to remind everyone that Vegas is still the fight capital. Unfortunately, they dropped the ball.

**The Ugly: Below the Belt**

Daniel Marcos, an undefeated featherweight prospect, was on his way to victory number 16. That is until an accidental low blow brought his opponent, Qileng Aori, to his knees.

These incidents are part of the sport. Marcos himself shrugged off a groin shot moments earlier. But Aori? He took the full five-minute recovery, milking it for all it was worth.

Now, I’ve been on the receiving end of a low blow, and yeah, it’s painful. But five minutes should be plenty to bounce back. It seemed more like Aori’s pride was wounded than anything. Marcos had him on the ropes, dominating the fight. Yet, Aori found a loophole and exploited it, leading to a No Contest.

Makes you wonder, was Aori even wearing a cup? Reminds me of my old football coach who’d check for our cups with a tap of his cleats. Questionable method, sure, but it got the point across: always protect yourself. Aori didn’t, and sadly, it was Marcos who paid the price.

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