Ian Garry Concerned for Family’s Safety Before UFC 296

Ian Garry, an Irish prospect, is feeling the heat. He’s worried about his family’s safety in the U.S. Why? Well, he’s been getting a lot of flak from American fighters lately.

Here’s the deal. Garry’s been under the microscope after fans unearthed a book written by his wife, Layla Anna-Lee, back in 2010. Anna-Lee, who’s 14 years older than Garry, penned an 11-page booklet called “How to be a WAG.” This little gem advises women on how to snag relationships with wealthy, famous athletes.

Enter Sean Strickland, the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight champ. He’s known for speaking his mind. Strickland advised Garry to split from his wife pronto on social media. Garry didn’t take kindly to Strickland’s comments, sparking a prolonged online feud. There was also an alleged staring incident at the UFC Performance Institute. This led Strickland to invite Garry to slide into his DMs if he wanted things “handled.”

But it’s not just his personal life causing a stir. Garry’s been called out by multiple fighters for his gym demeanor and supposed insistence on always being on camera. He’s also been barred from Leon Edwards’ Team Renegade. Apparently, this isn’t the only UK gym where he’s persona non grata. Initially, Garry claimed he was kicked out due to Edwards’ “insecurities.” However, the welterweight champ later revealed Garry simply wasn’t a good fit.

Now, Garry’s set to fight former Kill Cliff FC teammate Vicente Luque at UFC 296 on Dec. 16 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. He’s currently training at Chute Boxe Academy in Brazil. He says he’s totally unfazed by the fight itself. But he’s worried about his family’s safety in the States due to recent events.

“I’m excited for UFC 296. It’s a massive card, a card with all the big names, a lot of big matchups. I’m a little bit cautious about going to America for the safety of my family with all the s—t that’s been going on online. To protect my wife, to protect my child, to protect myself,” Garry told TNT Sports.

He added, “I’m not remotely concerned or worried about the fight. The fight’s fun. The fight’s easy for me. It’s always something I enjoy, it’s something I love. The press conferences, weigh-ins, everything. I love it. It’s energy. I thrive off it – but me not being able to react to people in person, it’s going to wind me up a little bit.”

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