Igor da Silva Released from UFC After Disqualification for Biting

Oh boy, did things take a wild turn at #UFCVegas89. Andre Lima snagged a victory, but not in the way you’d expect. Igor Severino got himself disqualified for biting Lima’s arm. Yeah, you read that right. A bite! Check out the chaos [right here](https://t.co/NQTJuSh9G3).

The scene was set for an epic showdown. Two flyweight newcomers, both with spotless records from Dana White’s Contender Series, clashed. Igor da Silva and Andre Lima were the names on everyone’s lips. They promised a spectacle, and boy, did they start strong. The first round? A split decision. The anticipation was palpable.

But then, the unexpected. Midway through round two, Lima cries foul. Claims da Silva bit him during a clinch. Pause. Enter the referee and the doctor. And there it was—a clear bite mark on Lima’s bicep. The verdict? Da Silva’s out. Disqualified at 2:52 of Round 2. Historic, folks. The first bite DQ in the promotion’s history.

The Twitterverse went nuts. “Igor Severino vs. Andre Lima at #UFCVegas89 ends in a rare disqualification for BITING. Wild.” Check out the tweet [here](https://t.co/LXL7X9ZR96).

Dana White didn’t mince words. He told [KevinIole.com](https://www.keviniole.com/2024/03/23/igor-severinos-bites-andre-lima-gets-disqualified) da Silva was cut from the UFC. “Two rising stars, and this is how it ends? Biting is the exit you choose?” White said. “Now, he’s out. Missed the chance of a lifetime. And the Nevada State Athletic Commission? They’re not gonna be happy.”

What’s next for da Silva? The Nevada State Athletic Commission’s Jeff Mullen played it coy: “We’ll see.” As for Lima, he didn’t just walk away with a win. He also pocketed a $50,000 “Bite of the Night” bonus. Only in MMA, folks. Only in MMA.

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