Ilia Topuria Anticipates Easy Fight with Volkanovski in His Career

Ilia Topuria is confident about his upcoming featherweight title fight. He’s up against Alexander Volkanovksi, and he’s sure he’ll dominate.

Topuria’s confidence isn’t baseless. He released a theatrical trailer predicting his victory. This happened right after his booking against Volkanovksi was announced for UFC 298 on Feb. 17.

The fight with Volkanovksi has been in the works for a while. However, it was delayed when “The Great” stepped in for a short notice rematch against lightweight champ Islam Makhachev. This took place at UFC 294 this past October.

Volkanovski didn’t fare well in that match. He suffered a head kick knockout in the first round. He later attributed the loss to accepting the fight on short notice.

Despite the loss, Volkanovski isn’t backing down. He believes people have somewhat forgotten who he really is due to his last loss. But he’s vowed to give Topuria a lesson in humility in their fight.

Topuria, on the other hand, is brimming with confidence. While he doesn’t see any holes in Volkanovski’s game, he believes he has an answer for anything “The Great” has to offer.

Topuria spoke to ESPN Deportes about the upcoming fight. “He doesn’t stand a chance,” he said. He believes Volkanovski has zero opportunity. He doesn’t see any holes in his game, but he can tell how he attacks.

Topuria expects Volkanovski to be one of the easier opponents of his career. “I think it’s going to be perfect,” he said. He believes the fight will be a masterpiece, with him hitting and not getting hit. He’s confident that the finish will come, and it will be one of the easier fights of his career so far.

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