Isaac Dulgarian Claims Christian Rodriguez Was ‘Lubed Up’ at UFC Fight Night 239

Oh boy, Isaac Dulgarian’s throwing some heavy punches outside the ring too, huh? He’s all over Twitter, accusing Christian Rodriguez of playing dirty during their featherweight clash at UFC Fight Night 239. You can catch the tweet storm [right here]( MMA Mania’s got the scoop on this drama since March 17, 2024. Wild, right?

So, who’s Isaac Dulgarian? Glad you asked. He’s this powerhouse featherweight who recently faced off against Christian Rodriguez. Check out his stats on [Sherdog]( And Rodriguez? He’s no slouch either. His profile’s over [here](

Now, let’s dive into the juicy bits. Dulgarian absolutely dominated the first round. Like, he turned Rodriguez into a human yo-yo, snagging a 10-8 on all judges’ cards. But then, things got weird. Despite Dulgarian keeping Rodriguez in a grappling headlock for most of the second round, two judges flipped the script and handed the round to Rodriguez. Go figure.

By the final round, Dulgarian was running on fumes. Rodriguez seized the moment, clinching a 10-8 win across the board. This twist led to a split-decision victory for Rodriguez, leaving Dulgarian with his first pro loss. And boy, he’s not happy about it.

Dulgarian spilled his guts on Instagram, saying, “Hey guys, I appreciate the support man. I don’t really know what happened in this fight.” He’s baffled, not feeling like a loser, especially since he wasn’t all that banged up. He’s scratching his head over how he lost Round 2 after practically babysitting Rodriguez on the mat for over four minutes.

But here’s where it gets spicy. Dulgarian’s convinced Rodriguez was slicker than a greased pig. “About three minutes into Round 1, I’m completely dry and this guy is shining,” he vented. He’s wrestled enough to know when something’s off, suggesting Rodriguez might’ve had some extra “lotion” on him. Despite the frustration, Dulgarian’s resigned to the situation, ending with a casual “it is what it is man.”

Man, MMA never runs out of drama, does it?

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