Jack Della Maddalena Broke Arm in UFC 299 Fight Against Gilbert Burns

Oh boy, Jack Della Maddalena’s win against Gilbert Burns? It’s like, way more jaw-dropping than we first thought. Seriously.

So, there’s this bit where Jack’s coach, Tim Simpson, spills the beans on Instagram. Picture this: Jack’s arm goes “snap” early on at UFC 299. Yikes, right?

Tim’s like, “Jack’s arm snapped clean early in the fight. Rallied for a finish in the third. Soldier! P.S. Gilbert kicks hard!” Talk about tough.

Then, there’s this tweet that’s all, “🚨| Jack Della Maddalena’s manager, Tim Simpson, has revealed that the Australian broke his arm early in the fight with Gilbert Burns at #UFC299. 😳 pic.twitter.com/89nZtn81to” — MMA Orbit (@mma_orbit) March 13, 2024. Drama!

Despite the busted arm, Jack didn’t just throw in the towel. Nope. He comes back with a vengeance, lands a knee on Burns during a takedown attempt, and then – bam! – finishes him off with a storm of elbows on the ground. All this in Round 3, at 3:43. The guy’s on a 17-fight win streak now. Seven of those, right in the heart of Vegas with the UFC.

When’s he coming back? Well, that’s the million-dollar question. No one’s saying just yet.

And, oh, before I forget, there’s this random ad in the middle of the story. Because, of course, there is.

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